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  1. Baby Paridihi Add in Medgate today Magazine Liver and Lung Fail
    July-Aug 2016

  2. Medanta Press Conference: First of its kind combined transplant at Medanta
    Saturday, 5, September 2015

  3. At 8 months, Dhruvika undergoes transplant, overcomes rare disease
    Wednesday, 5, March 2014

  4. Liver diseases affect one in 5 Indians
    Tuesday, 4, March 2014

  5. Pressing need for donors as liver disease on rise
    Monday, 3, March 2014

  6. Liver Patients will get Facilities
    Sunday, 24, Nov 2013

  7. Liver transplants now possible with blood group mismatched donors
    Monday, 15, Jul 2013

  8. Dr Soin's team achieve first in the country - can now perform successful liver transplant with liver from a mismatched blood group donor
    Saturday, 4, May 2013

  9. Dr Soin and team conduct India's first successful intestinal transplant.
    Saturday, 5, Jan 2013

  10. Dr Soin leads Medanta Liver Team to perform world's first chain of liver transplants to save 3 children
    Wednesday, 18, Jan 2012

  11. Dr Soin among the Newsmakers of 2011 for performing India's first Robotic Liver Surgery
    November 2011

  12. Dr Soin's team creates history by performing India's first robot-aided liver transplant surgery.
    Friday, 14, Oct 2011

  13. Dr Soin's team performs path-breaking surgery at Medanta for the first time in India: upside down liver transplant
    Thursday, 21, Apr 2011

  14. "Dr Soin's liver team at Medanta performs Asia's first and the world's youngest successful liver transplant for curing Factor VII deficiency' in a 6 month old
    Thursday, 23, Sep 2010

  15. Dr Soin's team the first in India to complete 50 liver transplants in children
    Sunday, 13, June 2010

  16. Dr AS Soin awarded the Padma Shri in 2010 for pioneering the development of Liver Transplantation in India
    Tuesday, Jan 2010

  17. Liver Donor Day and 400 liver transplants celebrated at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital
    Thursday, 15, Oct 2009

  18. Dr Soin’s team performs first successful swap liver transplant surgery in India:
    Landmark transplants at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital offer unique solution to the organ donor shortage

    Thursday, 20, Aug 2009

  19. Dr. Soin performs country’s first and the world’s youngest domino liver transplant
    Friday, 20, Feb 2009

  20. Dr Soin's team conducts successful liver transplant on India's youngest ever recipient
    Thrusday, 17, April 2008

  21. Dr Soin's team conducts India's first combined liver and kidney transplant in an adult (with both liver and kidney failure) using organs from two separate living donors - 2007
    Friday, 30, Nov 2007

  22. South Asia’s first double liver transplant in the same patient conducted by Dr Soin’s team
    Saturday, 11, Aug 2007

  23. World's first combined liver and kidney transplant from two live donors saves 15 year old with Hyperoxaluria
    Wednesday, 9, May 2007

  24. Oldest successful transplant in India
    21, Jan 2007

  25. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital tops in Liver Transplants in South Asia
    Thursday 11, Jan 2007

  26. SGRH becomes first center in South Asia to complete 100 liver transplants
    1. Part 1
    2. Part 2

    Saturday, 25, Nov 2006

  27. He transplanted the youngest ever child to receive a successful liver transplant in India - 2006
    Thursday, 3, Aug 2006

  28. First successful bloodless liver transplant in India
    Headline News in print and electronic media - April 9, 2005

  29. Pak national undergoes liver transplant at SGRH, New Delhi
    National News-14 August 2004

  30. The Times of India : Aarti goes home with a new liver
    Friday, September 12, 2003, New Delhi

  31. The Hindu : Beaming Aarti leaves hospital
    Friday, September 12, 2003, New Delhi.

  32. SGRH performs India's first successful cadaveric liver transplant in child

  33. Hindustan Times : The Edit Page: Liver Sutra (HT Editorial by Dr. A.S. Soin)
    Wednesday, August 20, 2003, New Delh

  34. Brother's gift of life to sister: Hindustan Times : "This year, it will be Happy Holi for her"
    Friday, March 29, 2002, New Delhi

  35. The OUTLOOK feature : The Dynamic Sikhs - Medicine Men: Dr. A.S. Soin voted as one of the four most accomplished sikh doctors in India
    March 29, 1999

  36. Dr. Soin’s team imparts training to other doctors from India and abroad in liver transplantation

  37. Liver transplant cures rare liver tumour

  38. A new liver, a new life every day at Medanta

  39. "Dr Soin starts state of the art liver transplant programme in a government/public hospital for poor patients."

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