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The Times of India
March 4, 2014
"Liver diseases affect one in 5 Indians"

Dr A S Soin, renowned liver transplant surgeon from Gurgaon's Medanta City Hospital spoke in Mumbai about how common liver diseases are. Liver diseases are more common than people realize. It affects one in 5 Indians, "Dr Soin said.

He said liver diseases may arise due to any infection such as hepatitis B or C viruses. While many of these patients can be managed with medicines, around 5% of them may progress to liver failure. For such patients, a liver transplant is the only answer, "Dr Soin said.

In Mumbai alone, nearly 2,000 patients die annually from liver failure or liver cancer, and 300 are waiting for a liver transplant at any time. "If the current organ donation rate of around 2-3/million here were to become 10 times, it would equal that in the developed West, and be able to provide sufficient organs for the waiting list in Mumbai," said Dr Soin.

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Source : Times Of India

Liver Diseases Affect One In 5 Indians

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