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Landmark operations and some firsts to the author's credit - patients' experiences

In Liver Transplantation in India, the author has the following firsts to his credit as the Chief Surgeon assisted by other members of the team:

First successful reduced cadaveric liver transplant in a child in India

"SGRH performs India's first successful reduced cadaveric liver transplant in a child Gift of life saves Aarti..."

Nine year old Aarti, India's first child to receive a successful transplant using a reduced liver from a brain dead person, was discharged from Delhi's Sir Ganga Ram Hospital 4 weeks after her transplant on 15 August 2003 and is now enjoying the life of a healthy 9 year old. This was a pioneering effort of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital's transplant team comprising of surgeons Dr. A.S. Soin, Dr. S. Gupta and Dr. S. Nundy, hepatologists Dr. N. Mohan and Dr. S. Saigal, anaesthetists Dr. V. Vohra and Dr. P. Shastri, and intensive care experts Dr. K.C. Chugh and Dr. A. Sachdeva.


The success of this operation ushers in a new era in liver transplantation in India as it makes it possible to perform transplants in children using cadaveric livers when the parents or other near relatives are unable to donate a part of their liver. With this technology, it would now be possible to transplant two persons using two halves of a single liver from a brain dead (cadaver) person. Aarti's life was saved by the generosity of a family who decided to donate their relative's organs after he died from brain death at AIIMS on 14 August. In a sense, the person lives on in Aarti. Aarti, a student of class 2, will be able to resume school in about 2 months' time. She is looking forward to that and enjoying her life together with her 4 siblings.

Aarti and her family have decided to donate their organs after death and hopefully give back to the society some of the joy they have had from this gift of life. She wants more people to come forward and donate organs so that other unfortunate children can be saved from liver failure deaths. More than 2 lac people including at least 30,000 children die every year in India from organ failure. Many of these can be saved by cadaveric organ donation.


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