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A Complete Overview of a Life Saving Treatment – Liver Transplantation in India


Hepatic transplant or liver transplant is a treatment that includes the replacement of diseased liver with the healthy liver from another individual. It is a surgical treatment to remove the non-functional liver (liver failure) and replace it with the healthy liver (from a deceased donor) or a part of the healthy liver (from a living donor).

Few important matters regarding liver transplantation treatment:

It treats only the advanced stage of liver cirrhosis.

The donor can be anyone who is brain dead and matches certain factors that are needed for successful transplantation, or it can be any close relative whose blood samples match yours.

If it is done within the time, the success rate is high, almost 80%.

After the transplantation surgery, a close follow up is mandatory to monitor patients healths and vitals.

Anyone who undergoes this surgery can live a normal life after transplantation.

As per the international medical guideline, a person who is suffering from liver cirrhosis and who has been assessed as having less than 1 year of life expectancy is considered for Liver Transplantation in India. Based on the grade of severity of cirrhosis, it has been rated A to C. All the patients who belong to grade C and most of the grade B patients should be considered for liver transplantation treatment.

What are the common symptoms of liver cirrhosis?

The patient who has this ailment can experience-

Black stool.

Drowsiness and mental instability.

Blood emesis.

Malfunction in the kidney.

Extreme lethargy and tiredness.

Low count of haemoglobin and other blood cells.

Abnormal bleeding even in the minor wounds.

Ascites (water in abdomen part).

Does liver transplantation surgery need any pre-transplant checkups?

When you visit any Liver Transplant Hospital in India, the liver experts generally advise you to undergo this evaluation after diagnosing the end stage of liver cirrhosis. The entire evaluation process generally takes around 5 to 7 days and is done in a total of 3 phrases.

The first phase includes determining the severity of cirrhosis as well as how urgently it needs to be done. The evaluation is done after performing a certain diagnosis.

Other systems like kidneys, heart, lungs, functions and blood count checking are mandatory to determine the patient’s fitness and to measure the success rate of the surgery.

The last and final phase involves the mental preparation of the recipient. The patient, along with their family, are informed about the entire process, hospital stay, aftercare, follow up, etc.

The average Liver Transplant Cost in India varies from patient to patient and depends on how critical the patient’s state is. You can visit the websites of various reputed hospitals who are specialized in liver replacement treatment and know about the entire process. You can directly reach them via phone call and explain the patient’s condition. You can even visit in person and meet with the liver specialist to discuss about the situation in details.

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