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The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body. It means one cannot live without the proper functioning of the liver. It performs many critical functions of the body which include enhancing metabolism of the body, removing degrading products, and synthesis of enzymes and proteins.

The main function of the liver is that the blood enters the liver through two chains – one is the hepatic artery and the other is the portal vein. They bring oxygen and nutrients to liver cells. Blood leaves the liver through hepatic veins and drains and enters the heart immediately. The liver produces bile which is a kind of liquid that helps to dissolve the fact.

Therefore, from the above discussion, it becomes clear that the liver performs the most vital functions of the body and if anyone is suffering from any kind of liver issue, he or she should immediately consult with the physician so the problem can be resolved as soon as possible.

Who needs a liver transplant?

Well, a liver transplant is basically a process where the failing liver is replaced surgically with the one which is healthy as well as normal. A liver transplant is said to be the only option for a failing liver. For a liver transplant, one can now consult with a liver surgeon in India. This liver transplant treatment in India has undergone many advancements over the years. If you are suffering from any kind of liver problem, you don’t need to fly to foreign countries for availing best quality treatment. Liver transplant in Delhi provides the best treatment by experienced and skilled doctors.

Here, in this blog, you will come to know about the conditions that indicate the requirement for a liver transplant. Now, let’s check out those points below –

Acute liver failure

This acute liver failure condition takes place when a healthy liver suffers an immense injury. However, there exists many reasons that may lead to liver inefficiency. Sometimes, viral infection can be a major cause of liver failure. Skin yellowing is the very first sign of liver disease.

Signs and symptoms of liver disease

Gastrointestinal bleeding

When the liver stops functioning, it leads to portal blood flow increase which creates huge pressure on the venous system.

Fluid retention

One of the main functions of the liver is to synthesize proteins that circulate in the bloodstream. This fluid mainly accumulates in the abdominal area and this fluid cannot be reabsorbed. The amount of fluid can also accumulate in the chest and legs.


Another important function of the liver is to eliminate degrading elements of haemoglobin and Bilirubin is one of such items which is excreted by the liver. When the liver stops functioning, bilirubin is not removed from the body and the level in the blood steam automatically increases. When the level of bilirubin is high in the body, the blood and tissue appear yellow in color.


Failure of liver function leads to ammonia and other toxins accumulate in the body which ultimately results in cognitive dysfunction that may even lead to coma.

To address all these problems of the liver, it is better to consult with liver transplant doctors in India. The liver treatment in India has undergone many changes and now patients are getting quality treatments in India.

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