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Everything That You Need To Know About The Liver Transplant Procedure In India


Generally, liver transplant specialists won’t provide a great deal of information to their patients before the operation. You just have to rush to the hospital as soon as your doctor lets you know that a suitable donor liver is available. That’s why people often seek information on the web. Fortunately, if you can locate this topic on the internet, then the information here will help you. It’s wise to keep a bag packed and ready so that you don’t have to waste time packing your stuff. Adults also have to prepare a few other things and make arrangements beforehand to take care of children, elder members, and pets.

The first process

Once you arrive at the best hospital of Liver Transplant in India, you will undergo the following tests.

i. A chest X-ray

ii. ECG

iii. Blood tests

Your hospital attendant or nurse will also check your temperature, blood pressure, and breathing rate. The purpose of a few of these tests is to look for signs of infection. The ECG procedure discloses the health of your heart. On the other hand, the blood tests will check how your kidneys are performing. All these tests will take place once you reach the hospital. An anesthetist will also inspect you to know whether you’re fit enough to handle the stress of the operation. At night, the doctors will administer medicine or blood products through a drip to ensure that you’re in a proper state for the surgery. The transplant will begin as soon as the liver is available.

During the procedure

The Liver Transplant Cost in India would be the least of your worries during the process. During the transplant, the surgeon will do the following.

i. Create an incision in your abdomen

ii. Disconnect the blood vessels to the damaged liver

iii. Remove the same and replace it with the healthy one

iv. Reconnect the blood vessels and bile ducts

v. Close the incision

If you want to know more about the process, then you can speak to your doctor once the surgery is over. Discussing it before the transplantation can weaken your resolve. The best liver transplant specialists have to perform several complex operations. They have the equipment and knowledge required to handle the risks that come with such a process and address any complications that may arise. In short, you can be sure that you’re in the most capable hands.

Things to expect afterward

The Liver Transplant Surgery Specialist in India says that you have to stay at the hospital for around two weeks after the process. However, the period can differ from one patient to another based on their physiology and rate of recuperation. That’s why you should speak about the matter with your surgeon during the consultation process. In the beginning, you will be at the transplant intensive care unit while recovering from the operation. The liver transplant team will monitor you closely to see how the new liver adapts to your body and its physiology.

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