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Liver Transplant the Most Dependable Treatment to Get Rid of Liver Failure


Liver transplant procedure takes place in advanced cases of cirrhosis. In this, process a replacing liver with a healthy liver from a diseased donor or from living donor. Patients for liver transplant go through the general testing to determine whether they are healthy and are ready or not for the surgery. Liver transplant surgery specialist in India determined that there are 20 million people per year need the liver transplant. India has evolved common procedure of liver transplant with survival data to the best centres around the world.

Reasons of why liver failure occurs?

Liver transplant treatment is the option for those people who are suffering from liver failure and whose condition can’t be controlled with other treatments. Some people with liver cancer are the patient of liver transplant. Some major causes of liver failure, which includes liver transplant;

i) Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

ii) Hepatitis B and C

iii) Alcoholic liver disease

iv) Genetic diseases that affect liver (includes hemochromatosis).

v) Disease that affect the tubes that carry bile or bile ducts, such as primary atresia, primary biliary cirrhosis and primary sclerosing cholangitis.

Biliary atresia among children, are the most common reason for liver transplant in India. Liver transplant surgery specialist also treats the liver originated with cancer.

Points for choosing liver transplant centre:

Liver transplant can only preferable when a doctor recommends it. When choosing transplant centre you must check these out;

i) Ask or search about the survival rates of liver transplant of that particular centre.

ii) Ask about the types and numbers of the transplanst, performs the centre, each year.

iii) Know about the cost that will include all the tests, surgery, organ transplant, hospital stays, and other amenities.

iv) Know about the additional services provided by transplant centre such assisting with travel arrangements, coordinating support groups and also offers referral resources.

v) Compare the statistics of transplant centres.

It is important for liver transplant surgery specialist in India to give the commitment of using latest transplant techniques and technology for growing their program.

Outcomes of liver transplant:

Transplant recipients directly contribute to the success of their liver transplant. Recipients can live for more than 30 years after the operation. If the transplant is success then it can have best outcomes. Liver transplant surgery specialist in India are getting success by reaching 83% of survival transplant patients. They represent the patients, those who were very critically ill to those who have less severe liver problems at the time of transplant, that includes old and young both type of patients.

The patient should be attentive about the medication schedules after the transplant. Some alcoholic cirrhosis cannot be transplant because of risk for doing the same after transplant but advanced treatment of transplant can help them.  They should follow-up the primary physician and transplant team after liver transplant. Applying new technique and avoid inflectional techniques for living is a way to prolong one’s life after transplantation.

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