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The functioning of the human body is rather complicated and the anatomy of the human body is not clear to many of us even now. There are various organs within the human system that are accountable for their functioning in a smooth and effective manner. In case there is any breakdown of any of the organs the human system suffers a lot. For example, our digestive system is quite complicated and helps us to digest the food that we consume in our daily lives.

The liver is considered to be the biggest organ in the human body and it weighs more than 1 kg. Being positioned on the right side of the abdominal cavity, it is accountable for the proper digestion of the food that we ingest. Besides this, the liver also helps in producing urea within our system, breaking down fats, as well as transforming glucose into glycogen. As a result, it is clearly evident that the liver plays a major role in the proper functioning of the human system.

Being one of the major organs within our system, we tend to suffer a lot in case it starts malfunctioning due to various reasons. In that case, we have no other way but to go for proper liver treatment in order to get out of the situation. For example, individuals suffering from acute liver ailments can go for dialysis which often helps to lessen the situation to some extent. On the other hand, many folks also take the help of liver transplant in India since it can be considered to be an effective treatment for acute liver ailments right now. Over 1,00,000 people suffer from serious liver ailments every year across the globe and many of them meet their death due to the non-availability of liver transplantation facilities. For example, more than 2,000 people die in the US each year because of this reason mentioned above.

Signs and symptoms of liver ailment

  • Gastrointestinal bleeding: With the increased scarring of the liver, there is an increment in the resistance to portal blood circulation, and the building up of pressure on the portal venous system.
  • Encephalopathy: There is an accumulation of toxins when the liver is unable to clear ammonia as well as other toxic substances from the blood. In such cases, individuals often suffer from a trivial infusion of coma as well as disturbed sleep.
  • Jaundice: The liver is responsible for the excretion of bilirubin. However, this will not be possible once the liver fails to function properly and there might be an enhancement of the levels within the bloodstream. In that case, blood as well as other tissues within our system will become yellow in color resulting in the onset of jaundice.

Once any person is suffering from any of the conditions mentioned in this article, make sure to provide him with the proper treatment at the earliest. One of these treatments happens to be a liver transplant performed by an experienced liver transplant surgeon in India.

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