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Everything That You Need To Know About The Liver Transplant Procedure In India


Generally, liver transplant specialists won’t provide a great deal of information to their patients before the operation. You just have to rush to the hospital as soon as your doctor lets you know that a suitable donor liver is available...more

Who Need Liver Transplantation And What Are The Signs And Symptoms


Liver is an important organ of the  human body and this is essential for carrying out various bodily functions. This is very much important to keep the liver functioning well.  Liver helps in converting nutrients from foods into hormones, and vitamins that our body requires.


All Things Cleared About Liver Transplantation


Liver Transplantation is the process in which a diseased liver is transplanted with a healthy liver from a donor. The medical term of the plantation process is called an allograft. Liver transplantation is the treatment for last stage liver disease or acute liver failure...more

What Will Be The Life After Liver Transplant


As liver transplantation is a major operation, so after the liver transplantation the patient is usually allowed to recover in the intensive care unit. In that case, some patients also need a ventilator for assisted breathing. Some patients also need intravenous fluids, Antonio and other nutritional support.


Liver Transplantation – A Lifestyle Disease


One of the vital organs of your body is the liver. It performs various functions so that our body is actively participating in daily chores.


Liver Transplant A Big Remedy To A Long Life


Liver transplantation in a surgery which performed to remove a diseased liver with a new liver. These surgeries have been performed for more than 38 years. People who have taken up this treatment have resumed to their normal life with more ease. 


All You Need To Know About Liver Transplant Treatment For A Life Saver


The liver is one of the most vital organs of the human body and the most commonly transplanted organs. It ranks only after kidney in replacement. So, it can be said that liver diseases are common and so needs replacement. 


Different Steps You Must Take Before Undergoing a Successful Liver Transplant


There are two major causes which need immediate liver transplantation- chronic liver failure and acute liver failure. Jaundice, encephalopathy, fluid retention and gastrointestinal bleeding are the major symptoms you can experience during any major liver problem...more

What Do You Understand By Liver Transplant?


The liver is the largest organ of the body and takes an active role in the digestive system. It filters toxic material such as ammonia and bilirubin from the blood...more

The Liver Transplant India Contributes High in Preventing Liver Diseases


Liver cancer can be prevented at two stages. The first one is getting rid of the abuses of alcohol. This type of prevention helps in eliminating the chances of occurrence of Hepatitis B or C...more

Liver Transplant the Most Dependable Treatment to Get Rid of Liver Failure


Liver transplant procedure takes place in advanced cases of cirrhosis. In this, process a replacing liver with a healthy liver from a diseased donor or from living donor. Patients for liver transplant go through the general testing to determine whether they are healthy and are ready or not for the surgery.


All You Need To Know About Liver Transplant Surgery


Liver transplant in India associated with other medications, which relieve fatigue, pain, itching and gives nutritional supplements and will slow down the progression of cirrhosis in the body.


Who Needs a Liver Transplant and What Are the Signs and Symptoms


The liver is an important internal organ in the human body that carries out various bodily functions. It converts nutrients from food into hormones, minerals, and vitamins required by the body. It also produces bile required for fat and nutrients digestion.


Liver Transplants - A New Chance at Life


Various diseases like Hepatitis B, C, and D or liver cancer deteriorates the condition of the liver in such a way that it becomes unable to perform its regular bodily functions. If these diseases are not enough, excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to liver failure.


How Does Alcohol Damage The Liver?


There are many potential causes of liver disease. However, the most well known of these is alcohol. Failure of the liver is one of the major causes of premature death in alcoholics, and (despite alcohol’s deleterious effects upon many bodily functions and organs) it’s about their liver that the loved ones of heavy drinkers will express concern. Indeed, prolonged and heavy alcohol abuse is the main cause of death by liver failure in the alcohol-drinking world. But how, precisely, does alcohol damage the liver?..more

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