A. S. SOIN Liver Transplant Surgeon

Author's Previous Patients

Landmark operations and some firsts to the author's credit - patients' experiences

In Liver Transplantation in India, the author has the following firsts to his credit as the Chief Surgeon assisted by other members of the team:

First successful transplant in India on a Pakistani patient - 2004

Erum Naz

Erum Naz, 45 year old Pakistani national, with her 25 year old son,
Asim (the liver donor) 25 days after her transplant at SGRH


First bloodless liver transplant in India - 2005

Safi Khan

4 year old Safi Khan from Lahore in the lap of his liver donor (chacha),
Naveed 7 days after transplant. His was the first ever bloodless
liver transplant performed in India


First successful emergency liver transplant on a patient transported to Delhi by air ambulance in deep coma - 2005

Renuka (L), and her brother

Renuka (L), and her brother, the liver donor Nitin 10 days
after the transplant. They are now leading normal lives a year after the operation


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