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Landmark operations and some firsts to the author's credit - patients' experiences

In Liver Transplantation in India, the author has the following firsts to his credit as the Chief Surgeon assisted by other members of the team:

First successful cadaveric Liver Transplant in India

Anand Bharat Bhushan's transplant was a turning point in the history of liver transplantation in India.

5 years ago, Bharat Bhushan was just another of the several thousands who used to get afflicted with terminal liver failure and were condemned to die by fate and doctors alike. He was in and out of hospital, getting increasingly weak and bloated and had lost all hope of survival. His business had shut down, and his family was in turmoil. That he himself had brought this misfortune upon him and his family also did not help.

His family heard of the new team established in the author's hospital and contacted them in the hope that something could be done. A lot was at stake. Patient's life. A successful transplant had never been previously done in India. The hospital had never realized a cadaveric donor before. The patient was evaluated and asked to wait for a cadaveric donor that may never materialise. On 5 November 1998, miraculously, a suitable donor liver became available because the wife of a corporate executive who tragically became brain dead due to sudden brain hemorrhage, was bold and generous enough to donate her husband's organs and save many lives.

The author having recently returned from UK, was determined to succeed in his maiden transplant operation in India. Although he had performed hundreds of such operations abroad, the rush of adrenaline in saving a life in his own country and making history was unique. After a smooth six hour operation, the Mr. Bhushan was wheeled into the ICU, where he made an uneventful recovery. He was discharged just 16 days after the transplant. He has never looked back since then. He has looked after his liver like dear life, and is now running a successful business nearly four and a half years after the historic transplant.

Successful Liver Transplant Patients, Successful Liver Transplant Stories
Bharat Bhushan enjoying normal life 4.5 years after his transplant


First successful adult to adult right lobe transplant in India

Major DN Jha

An instructor at the IMA, his bright Army career was brought an untimely halt by his cirrhosis and liver failure which resulted in bleeding, attacks of coma and hospitalisation on a number of occasions. After waiting for 4 months for suitable cadaver liver, his family decided to put forward a voluntary donor who would donate half his liver to save his cousin in the first such operation in India. Major Jha's wife stood by her husband as a huge pillar of strength and motivation through his ordeal and was pivotal in obtaining the funds from the Ministry of Defence.

In another first, the author transplanted half the liver from his cousin into him and a month later, the Major was home having been given a new lease of life. Few months later, he was back in uniform and now, 3 years later, continues to enjoy a normal life.


First successful left lobe transplant in India

The Ghosh's, both engineers by profession, had spent 6 years dealing with their son Soumya's congenital liver disease - biliary atresia. He underwent 2 operations in Kolkata to correct the bile obstruction but to no avail. He became increasingly jaundiced, malnourished and started losing weight. It became clear that that he had developed advanced cirrhosis and his chances of survival were negligible without a liver transplant. The family contacted the author's transplant team desperate for help. Both his parents were keen and suitable for partial liver donation. However, since Soumya's younger brother was an infant at that time, the family decided that the father, Shantanu would donate so that the mother could look after the two boys.

The team took on the challenge of preparing a very sick and malnourished boy for transplant using the left lobe of his father's liver, an operation which had not been undertaken in the country before.

The transplant though tedious due to 2 previous operations, was accomplished successfully and Soumya is now a healthy and playful 9 year old who excels both in academics and on the playground.
Shantanu, his father was discharged 9 days after the operation and has led a normal life since.

Successful Liver Transplant Patients, Successful Liver Transplant Stories
Soumya and his father 3.5 years after transplant


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