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Milestones in liver transplantation in India achieved by Dr A.S. Soin

In the field of Transplantation, Dr Soin has the following firsts to his credit:

  • First successful cadaveric liver transplant in India - 1998
  • First successful live donor left lobe liver transplant in India - 1999
  • First successful live donor right lobe liver transplant in India - 2000
  • First successful combined liver and kidney transplant (cadaver) in India - 1999
  • First successful reduced cadaveric liver transplant in a child - 2003
  • First successful transplant in India on a Pakistani patient - 2004
  • First bloodless liver transplant in India - 2005
  • World’s first combined liver and kidney transplant in the same patient using organs from two live donors - 2007
  • India’s first successful dual lobe liver transplant – 2007
  • India’s first and world’s youngest Domino liver transplant – 2009
  • India’s first (and the world’s first reported) successful swap liver transplant – 2009
  • India’s oldest recipient (78 years) of liver transplant – successful transplant in 2010
  • India’s first successful Robotic live donor liver transplant - 2012
  • World’s first chain of three simultaneous liver transplants (combined domino and swap) - 2012
  • India’s first successful ABO-incompatible liver transplants - 2012
  • India’s youngest and smallest ever recipient (4 months, 4 kg) to receive successful liver transplant - 2013.
  • India’s first surgeon to complete 1000 liver transplants and 100 liver transplants in children 2011 and first to complete 1500 liver transplants in 2013
  • India’s first successful Intestinal Transplant - 2013

Dr A.S. Soin's academic awards and achievements

National Award
Dr AS Soin awarded the Padma Shri in 2010 for pioneering the development of Liver Transplantation in India.

Other awards

  1. Annual research awards of the British Transplantation Society - 1994
  2. Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh Research Award - 1996
  3. Annual research awards of the British Transplantation Society - 1997
  4. Delhi Medical Association Distinguished Services Award - 2005 for pioneering contributions in the field of Transplantation in India
  5. Medindia Oration Award for 2008 for pioneering contributions to Liver Transplantation in India
Orations: Delivered 3 prestigious orations
  1. Naseem Ansari Oration at King George Medical College, Lucknow, 2007
  2. Medindia Oration at Chennai, 2008
  3. K.E.M. Mumbai, Oration, 2009
Honorary Fellowship
Bestowed Honorary Fellowship of the King George Medical College at the Annual Convocation in 2007.

Visiting Professorship
Appointed Visiting Professor in Liver Surgery at K.E.M. Medical College and Hospital, Mumbai - in 2009.

Invited lectures
Delivered more than 450 papers and invited lectures all over the world in his field.

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