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Gaurav's Experience

I was diagnosed with Liver Cirrhosis in May 2005 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I decided to return to Mumbai, India and have myself examined by Dr. Samir Shah. After thorough investigations he immediately suggested, that if I wanted to have quality and a better life I need to undergo a Liver Transplant. I was absolutely shocked, as I never expected this to happen to that and me to this soon. All agreed to take his advice and immediately proceed to New Delhi to Visit Dr. A. S. Soin at SGRH.

We were very skeptical and apprehensive as to what the outcome of our meeting will be With Dr. Soin. Nervous to the depth of our hearts we met Dr. Soin. He answered to all our minutest of queries and questions with absolute patience and by the time we came out of his office after 1 hour my family and I had made up our minds that we will undergo A TRANSPLANT immediately. All our fears of such a major surgery had practically vanished and we were 100% confident.

I am obliged to my Wife who immediately without a minute's hesitation or thought decided on being the Donor. She was the moral support and Pillar who didn't break down or let my Family and I ever lost our nerves during these days of crisis. Though she had never taken a single Injection since her childhood she was very brave and underwent all the required tests which needed to be done to be a Donor. Our Patient Coordinators were very helpful too and guided us all the way through.

We both underwent all the tests and finally on 01st January 2008, I was operated by Dr. Soin and his Team of Saviors'. Post Operation I was given utmost care in the ICU and room with frequent visits by Dr. Soin, Dr. Rahul, Dr. Kumaran, Dr. Sehgal and others. The Nurses in the ICU were very Patient, Caring and took very good care of me. I was discharged from Hospital in 15 Days and I felt I was absolutely Normal.

In the end I would like to say that my Parents with God's grace gave me birth, And Dr. Soin and his Team gave me this Second New Life. I will be indebted and obliged to them and my Wife throughout my life for gifting this life to me. I also deeply thank my Family and Dr. Samir Shah, Mumbai for the Moral and emotional support they have provided which helped to recover quicker.

Gaurav Sharda
S9-01 Hung Voung II, Dist. 7
Phu My Houng, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel : +84 8 4101990
Fax : +84 8 8243396
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Email: gauravshardas@gmail.com
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Dr. Wai, Gynaecologist from Myanmar

Dr. Khin San Wai
MBBS, M. Med. Sc (OG) 
MRCOG (UK), Dr. Med. Sc(OG) 
Senior Consultant/ Associate Professor 
Obstetrics & Gynaecology Department 
Central Women Hospital 
Mandalay, Myanmar

Her story...
"I was diagnosed to have multifocal HCC (liver cancer), the largest one in right lobe 17cms in diameter found incidentally at ultrasound in Myanmar on 3.6.05. I underwent TACE (transarterial chemo-embolisation) to the right lobe in Singapore on 12.6.05 as MRI showed the involvement of both lobes of liver. I was keen to have Liver Transplantation. My husband Dr. Maung Maung found the Website of Dr. A. S. Soin, Senior Transplant Surgeon, New Delhi. We established the communication via e-mail sending my data. On 5.8.05 I started to have the full investigations and assessment instructed by Dr. A.S. Soin. In addition to HCC in the liver, left adrenal mass was also found. Laparoscopic left adrenalectomy was performed on 29.8.05, revealed an adenoma. Imaging and assessment excluded extrahepatic spread. Needle biopsy confirmed the well differentiated HCC. Dr. A. S. Soin and his transplant team decided for liver transplant on 8.9.05. To my knowledge, intraoperative, immediate post operative and convalescent period 6 weeks were uneventful. I believed that the efficient surgery, close monitoring in intra and post operative periods, prompt and effective management were attributable to the success of my liver transplant. Follow up is crucial for life. I would like to express my gratitude wholeheartedly to Dr. A. S. Soin and his liver team. I am one of the lucky patients who make the correct decision and choice to save their own lives."

Dr Tin Maung Chit in a letter to Dr Soin...

(Senior Consultant Physician  Yangon, Burma)
He needed an emergency liver transplant as he arrived from Myanmar in terminal acute liver failure]

Dear Dr. Soin,
First of all, I would especially like to thank you and all the other members of your liver transplant team in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Dr. Sanjav Saigal, Dr.S Gupta,  Dr. S. Nundy. I believed I was reborn by God with the help of your team. During hospital stay, your team gave me an excellent medical care and good mental support.

Being a doctor, I knew what the investigation results meant, possible consequences and prognosis of my illness. However, with all your support, I could withstand my acute illness during hospitalization. The day I well remember was the pleural aspiration after transplant.

I also thank my wife Dr.Cho for giving me tender loving care and understanding, Ko Nay Min Htun (my cousin - the liver donor who saved my life), my mother and all relatives of both our families for all their support. With Great Thanks

Dr.Tin Maung Chit

Mr Ashok Kumar, resident of Dubai, 6 weeks after his transplant

In January 2004, I was diagnosed as suffering from the cirrhosis of liver caused by Hepatitis B. I consulted doctors and surgeons at New Medical Center in Dubai, Indraprastha Apollo in New Delhi, Global Hospital in Hyderabad, and finally at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in Delhi.

It was the unanimous decisions of all the surgeons and consultants that a liver transplant was essential in my case.

After carefully considering the cost for the transplant, competence of surgeons, surgical facilities, and pre and postoperative care, I opted for getting my transplant done by Dr. A.S. Soin at SGRH-Delhi. 

This decision ranks, quite possibly, amongst the best I have taken in my life.

On 20th of December 2005, I underwent the liver transplant surgery. The competence, accessibility, and care extended to me and my wife - the donor, was superlative. We are both recuperating well. 

May God bless Dr. Soin and the excellent team of surgeons, doctors, nurses and support staff at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

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