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All Things Cleared About Liver Transplantation


Liver Transplantation is the process in which a diseased liver is transplanted with a healthy liver from a donor. The medical term of the plantation process is called an allograft. Liver transplantation is the treatment for last stage liver disease or acute liver failure. Though the availability of liver donors are very rare and a lot of limitations are there to be followed. In Liver Transplant India the most common and popular technique is the orthotropic transplantation. The duration of the surgery takes near about 4-18 hours. 

Medical uses and Contradiction of Liver Transplantation:

Liver transplantation is the infallible procedure of treating last stage liver diseases or acute liver failure. Liver Transplant Cost in India, the limitations in the allograft technique the outcome in the post-surgery state, finding the donor organ checking if all the condition matches make it a very complicated surgery. If the patient even needs the liver transplantation this decision is taken by a group of highly qualified professionals including surgeons, medical doctors and other providers. Before acting the medical surgery it is very important to determine whether the liver transplantation will solve the problem the patient is having.

Living donor Liver transplantation:

Living donor transplantation is where a donor is a living person most commonly related to the recipient and willing to give a part of their liver to cure their relative. The idea of living donor Transplantation arrived when in 1989 a mother agreed to give a part of her liver to replace her daughters failed one. 2 types of living donors can donate their liver such as 1st-degree donors(Parents, spouse, son, daughter, grandson-granddaughter or grandparents) and 2nd-degree donors(In-laws, cousins, uncle, aunts, nephew, niece). Liver Transplant India has done near about 3000 successful liver transplantations till now. 

Donor requirements for a successful Liver Transplantation:

Liver Transplant Cost in India is a bit on the expensive side because they follow all the requirements to make sure there’s no mistake in the process. There are a lot of conditions for the donor such as:

i. The donor must be in good health.

ii. Same blood group is very important yet a lot of centres are performing liver transplantation with different blood groups with some special immunosuppressant. 

iii. The donor must be above 18 and under 60. 

iv. Having a personal and strong emotional relationship with the patient is a must. 

v. The size of the donor’s liver should match with the recipient. 

The goodness of Living Donor Liver Transplantation:

If done right the liver transplantation has a lot of good effects or benefits like:

i. The transplantation can be done whenever the donor is ready no need to waste any time finding a donor. 

ii. There are fewer chances of complications and death in this case. 

iii. Cadaveric donors are rare to find so UNOS applied many conditions on cadaveric donors. 

The overall health of the donor and the recipient depends on the risk of the liver disease. Usually, it takes the donor near about 2 months after the surgery to resume their normal life. Any food habit or daily actions will not be affected by the donor whereas the recipient must monitor their food habits daily routine and have to take particular medicines for the rest of their lives.

To summarize all that is important to know about Liver Transplantation is mentioned above so reading it carefully will cover all your doubts. 

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