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Criteria for being a Liver Donor

Some recently liver transplanted foreign patients

Dr. Wai (2nd from L), Professor in Obs. & Gynaecology from Myanmar, 14 days after her liver transplant
for a large liver cancer. Dr Ko Ko Tun (extreme L), her cousin and ex- student, donated the right lobe
of his liver. Also seen are Dr Maung Maung (patient’s husband, and the surgeon, Dr. Soin).

Mr Zia Mehmood from Faislabad (L) 3 weeks after a life-saving
liver transplant with his nephew, Mohd. Amin (the donor) flanking Dr Soin.

Dr. Pet Htoon, from Maynmar, with his cousin, Thanla, the liver donor,
1 month after the transplant

4 year old Safi Khan from Lahore in the lap of his liver donor (chacha), Naveed 7 days
after transplant. His was the first ever bloodless liver transplant performed in India

Arif (right), a 36 yr old Pakistani National living in Dhaka, 12 days after liver transplant with
half of his brother’s (Iftikhar, left) liver just before discharge

Erum Naz, 45 year old Pakistani national, with her 25 year old son, Asim (the liver donor)
25 days after her transplant at SGRH.

Afghani nationals, Haji Mir Ahmed (centre), 48 and his donor, Abdul Rahman (right), 38, along
with Haji’s son (left) 3 weeks after liver transplant at SGRH. Haji needed the transplant because
his liver was terminally damaged by Hepatitis B and liver cancer.