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Blood Group

Options if you do not have a Blood Group matched Family Donor

You have three options:


Swap Liver Transplant Program at Medanta

Bullet In this procedure, we help in legal exchange of donor livers between two families – both with patients who cannot undergo transplant with livers from their own donors. For eg., family 1 has recipient blood group A and donor blood group B. Family 2 has recipient with group B and donor with group A (Rh + or -ve does not matter). All the 4 (2 recipients and 2 donors) of these two families are operated at the same time and the donor livers are exchanged.
Bullet Hence swap transplant is generally possible in 2 situations – if the recipient blood group is A and donor’s is B, or if the recipient blood group is B and donor’s is A.
Bullet Swap is also sometimes possible if the liver from the family donor is too small or too big (volume exchange).
Bullet India’s largest and the among the world’s largest swap liver transplant experience
Bullet India’s largest swap liver transplant patients’ database
Bullet 30 successful swap transplants
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ABO incompatible Liver Transplant Program at Medanta

Bullet Dr Soin’s team became the first in India and the fourth in the world to successfully perform ABO incompatible transplants in 2012.
Bullet Suitable patients are those who do not have blood group matching family donors (4 combinations): Recipient A, and donor B; recipient B and donor A; recipient O and donor A; recipient O and donor B.
Bullet Special medicines and procedures done to make the body accept blood group incompatible donor liver
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Cadaveric (Deceased Donor) Liver Transplantation at Medanta

Bullet Dr. Soin and his team now operate in 4 centres (Medanta-The Medicity Hospital – Gurgaon, Sterling Hospital – Ahmedabad, Jupiter Hospital – Mumbai and ColumbiaAsia Hospital – Bangalore) where cadaveric transplants are possible
Bullet We will facilitate your getting on the waiting list at all our centres
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