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Children Liver Transplant

Children Liver Transplant: Pediatric Liver Transplant

Our Pediatric Liver Transplant Service is run by specially trained and experienced senior specialists in the following disciplines

Transplant Surgery 
Two senior surgeons (including the author) each with nearly 15 years experience in complex liver surgery in children such as liver resections, partial liver transplants, biliary strictures and shunt surgery.

A senior Pediatric Transplant Hepatologist (specialist physician in children liver diseases and transplantation)

Two senior Pediatric anesthetists

ICU team
A team of 5 pediatric intensivists for post transplant ICU care
8 specially trained pediatric ICU nurses

The core team is also supported by a Pediatric Psychologist and a Pediatric Nutritionist.

Photos of some of the children transplanted by Dr. Soin

One year old Sheryar, the youngest patient to undergo a successful
liver transplant in India, 6 weeks after his operation.



Simarroop with her parents 2 months after her liver transplant

Sania with her aunt, the liver donor and her father 2 months after her transplant
which was done for a tumour that had replaced her entire liver

From a state of pre-coma before surgery, Lamu was completely transformed after her
liver transplant into a lovely playful child who became the darling of the Liver Unit.
She is seen here with her parents 3 weeks after the operation

Aarti just 5 days after liver transplant. She is now completely well 3 years later

8 year old Ayush Chawla, who was transplanted due to sudden terminal acute liver failure,
with his mother Preeti, the liver donor and his father a year after his life-saving transplant.

4 year old Safi from Lahore received India’s first bloodless liver transplant in 2004.
He is seen here with his parents and Chacha (the liver donor).

Rishi, now a playful 3 year old, 6 months after he received 20% his mother
Sharmila’s liver for a transplant that saved him from a rare but fatal
liver disorder called Tyrosinemia