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All You Need To Know About Liver Transplant Surgery


Cirrhosis can be detected through a routine blood test. People with early stage of cirrhosis usually do not have symptoms. A liver transplant is a procedure which removes the failure liver or which is no longer functioning properly. It is a replacement of dead liver with healthier liver with living or diseased donor. Liver is the largest internal organ of human body. The number of people waiting for liver transplant in India are greatly exceeds the number of available diseased donor livers.

The tests after diagnosing the liver cirrhosis:

Doctor sometimes orders more than one test that suggests a problem with your liver. This includes:

Laboratory Test- To access the kidney function, the blood is checked for creatinine. The blood test helps check the liver malfunctioning such as excess bilirubin or blood contains certain enzymes that may cause liver damage. Blood test results helps to identify how serious is the detected cirrhosis and presence of hepatitis.

Imaging Tests such as CT scan, ultrasound and MRI can also recommended by your doctor to know the effect of liver failure.

Biopsy- It is done for identify the severity, cause and extent of liver damage.

For liver failure patients, doctors recommend regular diagnostic tests to monitor the signs of disease progression and complications and liver cancer. Liver transplant in India is becoming more widely available for monitoring through noninvasive tests.

Treatments of cirrhosis for underlying cause:

Treatment of cirrhosis depends on the cause of liver damage. Detecting cirrhosis early can minimize the damage of liver by treating the underlying cause:

Medications to control hepatitis put a limit in further damaging of liver cells caused by hepatitis B or C.

Weight loss- People having non-alcoholic fatty liver disease may become healthier by loosing their weight and controlling blood sugar levels.

Treatment for alcoholic liver damage- People with alcoholic cirrhosis should try to stop drinking. Stopping alcohol is somehow difficult, then doctor can recommend treatment program for alcohol addiction.

Liver transplant in India associated with other medications, which relieve fatigue, pain, itching and gives nutritional supplements and will slow down the progression of cirrhosis in the body.

Precaution to take after liver transplant surgery:

Proper diet and nutrition, regular checkups and medications, daily exercises and hygienic surrounding are the steps towards the recovery from cirrhosis. The family members should take care of the patient and help them to follow the precautions for faster recovery. These precautions will give the transplant surgery, a long-term success. Liver transplant in India has become a revolutionary for those suffering from end-stage of liver disease. It is important to follow these practices to have a long-term outcome after transplant.

The body will adjust the new liver and all the medications are important to maintain its health. Playing sports, healthy exercise, travelling for business and socializing are all possible after successful liver transplant. People who undergo with the transplant procedure can lead a normal life again.

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