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At 8 months, Dhruvika undergoes transplant, overcomes rare disease

Bangalore Mirror
March 5, 2014
“At 8 months, Dhruvika undergoes transplant, overcomes rare disease”

She was diagnosed with the deadly Citrullinemia. Now one-year-old, she has become the youngest in the country to fight it with a liver transplant

Finally, a reference to the Medanta � The Medicity in Gurgaon, Delhi, held out promise. The team led by Dr A Soin, who is a liver transplant surgeon, decided to perform a transplant on the child in September.

However, the success of the life-saving gift hinged on several factors. Dr Soin said there were surgical challenges as the baby’s vessels were too small, and they had to ensure the total surgery time was as short as possible as the infant risked cerebral crisis because she had to be starved for the entire duration of the operation. So, the surgery was a race against time.

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