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Essential Information on Liver Transplant Cost in India


Many individuals suffer from liver failures at some point during their lifetime. However, there is no reason to worry since it will be possible to transplant the liver without any problem at all, thus restoring the health of the patient successfully once again. The process of replacing a malfunctioning liver with a healthy one is known as a liver transplant.

As a matter of fact, the liver is the only organ within our system which will be able to regenerate once again. In case a part of the liver of the donor is removed by surgery, it will come back to its normal shape within a few weeks only. The same can be said of the recipient whose liver will also be restored within a short time.

The cost of liver transplant in India

As compared to other nations across the world such as the UK, the US, and Thailand, the liver transplant cost in India is quite affordable in spite of having top-notch doctors and sophisticated technology for performing the surgery. The cost will depend on certain factors such as the patient’s medical condition, the hospital, as well as the surgeon himself. Moreover, the consultation charges in India are also quite less than most of the other developed nations across the globe.

Why India should be selected over other nations?

There are several reasons to choose India for liver transplant as compared to other countries which are as follows:

Standard of living – Unlike other countries across the world, the cost of liver transplants in India is much less. The same can be said of other charges such as the consultation, liver transplant hospital in India, the surgeons, and so forth.

Options – As mentioned earlier, there are lots of hospitals in India to choose from where one can undergo a liver transplant at an affordable cost. The good thing is that these hospitals also try every means to bring down the cost of the surgery as much as possible for the convenience of the patients.

The cost of liver transplant in India according to the major surgery types

1. Orthotopic Liver Transplant (approximately $35,000)

This kind of surgery happens to be most recommended in India at present. In this case, the entire liver will be placed by a healthy one from the donor. Almost occasions, a healthy liver will be obtained from individuals who have donated their organs before their demise.

2. Living donor ($25,200)

As compared to the previously mentioned liver transplant process, in this case, the liver is obtained from a live person who is donating his or her liver willingly. This type of surgery is also quite common in India right now.

3. Split type ($25,200)

The liver is divided into a couple of types – the left side, which is smaller, is ideal for the kids, while the bigger right side of the liver is more suitable for adults. The good thing is that the major part of the liver (more than 80%) is going to regenerate within a week after the transplant.

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