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Liver Transplant A Big Remedy To A Long Life


Liver transplantation in a surgery which performed to remove a diseased liver with a new liver. These surgeries have been performed for more than 38 years. People who have taken up this treatment have resumed to their normal life with more ease. We provide the best liver transplant India with a highly advanced technology treatment. 

Why Does One Require liver Transplant?

If one faces a severe liver disease then one definitely requires a liver transplant. The most common reason for liver transplantation is Chirrosis. It is a situation where liver deteriorates frequently and malfunctions to some chronic injury. In this case, scar tissue replaces the healthy issue which partially blocks the flow of blood through the liver. Cirrhosis can be caused by viruses or even hepatitis B, C or even alcohol consumption. Many people who develop cirrhosis of the liver due to excessive alcohol also require a liver transplant. For patients with advanced diseases where other medical treatment fails to cure and there liver transplantation is a must.

Other reasons for liver transplantation include liver cancer, liver tumors, and other hereditary diseases. However, liver transplantation at early stages of cancer may result in long term survival of patients health.

From Where Does A Liver Transplant Orignates?

There are two types of liver transplant treatment one is living donor transplant and other is deceased donor transplant. Living donor transplant is for patients who are a end stage of the disease. This involves the removal of a segment from the user from a healthy donor and transferring it to the recipient. Both recipient segment will grow to a larger size after this. Blood type and body size are the key factors in determining which is the correct donor. 

In deceased donor liver, the tralnsplant donor must be a victim of the accident, brain hammerage or head injury. The liver is donated with the consent of the next kin. Here the livers actually come from people who have just died. Such type of donor is called a cadaveric donor. Here the identity of the deceased donor is kept confidential and person death is also kept confidential.

Is liver Transplant Safe?

Liver transplant is considered to be safe because the liver has got the great size and has a great reserve and regenerates to its original size quickly. We provide the safest liver transplant in India where the owner doesn’t suffer long term effects. He/she can resume her normal activities in 3 months.

What are the chances of survival in the liver transplant?

That’s a difficult question though but yes chances of survival are quite bright in this case to about 85-90%. With our easest liver transplant India we aim to provide the best treatment with utmost safety.

What’s The Surgery Duration?

Depending upon the intensity of the treatment it usually varies from 4 to 14 hrs. During the operation, the surgeon will remove the liver and replace it with the donor level. After that, the surgeon will put the healthy liver to your bile ducts and blood vessels. Your blood will flow into the new vessels.

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