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Liver Transplantation – A Lifestyle Disease


One of the vital organs of your body is the liver. It performs various functions so that our body is actively participating in daily chores. The main function of the liver is filtration of blood from any harmful substances, transporting the pure blood to all parts of the body, storing energy within itself and production of the bile juice that promotes digestion. Therefore, you can see that a small organ is responsible for quite a lot of operations going inside your body. If any of the functions not performed well, it leads to severe complications. You tend to ignore the earlier symptoms until and unless your body is reflecting a few life-threatening symptoms.

Knowing the reason for liver damage:

Well, now you are aware of your ailment, so you carry a quick survey for the liver transplant surgeon in India. There are innumerable surgeons in your country but you have to make a wise choice keeping in mind the accessibility, his friendly approach towards the patients, his records and above all the total amount incurred for the treatment.

After asking your friends and relatives about the best liver transplant surgeon in India, they have suggested a few names and according to your feasibility, you have to decide to visit him as soon as possible.

On visiting the doctor, you come to know about a new term that is hepatic transplant. Now you have to undergo surgery to save your life as your liver stops performing its normal functions. The common disease involving liver failure is termed as cirrhosis, which follows by the liver transplant. The reasons that had led you to the final stage may be:

Excessive intake of alcohol:

i) Prolonged chronic diseases like hepatitis B or hepatitis C

ii) Fatty liver, and

iii) Metabolic disorders

Points to remember before and after the treatment:

As you prepare for liver transplantation, the surgeon will only give the green signal for your treatment after performing a few blood tests and x-rays. He would also see whether you would be able to take the surgery positively or not. The surgeon would moreover see your mental health and your life expectancy post-surgery.

i) However, you are a patient of the best liver transplant surgeon of India, yet there are 75 % chances of the total recovery.

ii) Besides, your surgeon would also see whether you are suffering from any other serious ailment, which might lower the chances of saving a life even after the transplant.

iii) You have to wait for the perfect donor matching your blood group and other factors. You might be lucky to get it as soon as you discover your disease or might have to wait for a longer time.

iv) After three weeks of hospitalization under observation post-surgery, you have to visit the surgeon for regular checkups to avoid any risk of infection.

You have to include regular exercise and a healthy diet post-surgery.

Surely, the best liver transplant surgeons in India had carried the surgery successfully. You have taken a major decision of your life by authentically depending on the Indian surgeons for your surgery and 100% satisfied with the same. Follow the simple rules and lead a healthy life.

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