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Liver Transplants – A New Chance at Life


Various diseases like Hepatitis B, C, and D or liver cancer deteriorates the condition of the liver in such a way that it becomes unable to perform its regular bodily functions. If these diseases are not enough, excessive alcohol consumption can also lead to liver failure. In such events, after considering a few health-related aspects and a consultation among patient’s family and doctors, a liver transplant is carried out by liver transplant surgeons in India.

However, doctors do not suggest transplant in the first stage. A medical treatment is preferred to cure the liver. Only when medical treatment doesn’t meet a positive response, a liver transplant is considered. A surgery is carried out before the patient reaches its terminal stage. Because, once a patient reaches the terminal stage of the disease that causes liver failure in the first place, his body will not be able to cope up with the stress related to the surgery.

A New Chance at Life

The liver is the only organ that has regeneration property. About 25% of a liver has the ability to grow into a fully developed liver. This property of the liver is useful for live donor involved in a liver transplant. After the transplant, livers of both the donor and receiver grow back to the original size of a fully developed liver and both of them can return back to their normal way of life. In order to carry out a successful liver transplant, the size of the body of both the donor and the receiver has to match and their blood group compatibility is also checked.

A liver transplant in India brought a new ray of hope in the life of a patient suffering from acute liver failure. However, before experiencing this new chance at life, every patient has to pass through a waiting period. Names of patients who agree for liver transplants are put up in a waiting list as per their blood type, body size and medical condition. They are given a priority score based on the creatinine and bilirubin test. Patients with a high score were given priority in carrying out a liver transplant.

The cost involved in carrying out a liver transplant can be a source of worry for the patient as well as their family. However, medical insurance is available to cover the liver transplant cost in India.

Availability of a donor is not in control of doctors especially if a relative or a spouse is unable to donate their liver. In a liver transplant, a donor could be a living and healthy person or a dead person whose family has signed up for organ donation. Since nobody can predict, when a donor will be available, the patient can discuss with their doctor regarding the precautionary measures to be maintained till the impending surgery, otherwise, while waiting for a transplant, the patient might develop a new medical condition which can make them incapable of going through a transplant.

The liver transplant surgeons in India is of the opinion that the transplant is safe and the receiver can get back to their normal life within a few months. However, it is very important for the patient as well as their family to maintain the pre and postoperative precaution to avoid the potential risks involved in a transplant.

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