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Some Interesting Facts About Liver Transplant And Who Needs It


Situated at the right hand part of your abdominal cavity, liver is the largest organ of your body. This dark brown organ weighs around 1.2 kg. You should know that all the blood which leaves from stomach and your intestine passes through this organ. Liver is solely responsible for carrying away waste products from your blood. Liver is important in your body for a number of reasons, such as, it provides immunity against infections, regulates blood clotting, acts as a factory for proteins and cholesterol and so on. Also, the liver can excrete waste from your blood via bile.

But, this liver is subject to a number of diseases which might require a liver transplant. Such diseases are acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, etc. Apart from these, liver cancer and cirrhosis of liver also require liver transplantation. Through the process of liver transplantation, the liver transplant doctors in India can extend the life of the patients by at least five years.

What is liver transplant in Delhi?

The liver transplant is nothing but the replacement of a damaged liver with a new one. Here, the new liver comes from a healthy person who is below the age of 55 years. The process of liver transplantation can improve the quality of life for a patient allowing them to carry out all of their daily work post the surgery.

The liver transplant is the option for only end-stage liver diseases such as cirrhosis, cancer, critical metabolic diseases and so on.

Though the liver transplant is still in the primary stage of research, the success rate for liver transplant is around 80% if you are under a reputed liver surgeon in India.

It is essential that the blood group of the patient and the donor matches before the liver transplant operation. The doctor can collect the healthy liver from a brain-dead person or from a relative of the patient himself.

Who needs liver transplant in India?

According to the studies, any patient who is in an advanced stage of liver damage can go for liver transplant. Before the liver transplant, the doctor will suggest the patients to go through the drug treatment for a while. If none of the medicine works, finally your doctor will suggest the transplant surgery. The liver patients who have high chance of liver damages should be careful with the following symptoms. These are –

  • Black stool,
  • Blood vomiting,
  • Excess of water in your abdomen,
  • kidney dysfunction,
  • Excessive tiredness,
  • Mental confusion,
  • Jaundice,
  • Low blood count, etc.

Delhi is a popular location for liver transplant in India these days. There are several hospitals in Delhi which consist of highly reputed liver surgeons. So, if your loved ones are diagnosed with any serious liver condition, don’t worry at all. Today there are cures for all types of liver issues, even for primary liver cancer. Such liver transplant operations can extend the lifespan of patients up to 15 years to 20 years as well. So, keep in touch with the liver transplant hospitals from now on if you have a liver patient at home.

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