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Things You Should Know About Liver Transplant in India


India has the second-largest transplantation program in the world. Unfortunately, it still suffers from a long waiting list. This is due to low awareness among people about organ donation and the lack of living donors.

There are various initiatives taken by different organizations and Liver Transplant Hospital in India to promote organ donation. These include many media campaigns and activities like street plays, poster displays etc. The government of India has also taken steps to make India a global leader in liver transplantation by providing financial incentives for organ donation.

Details about Liver Transplant

Liver Transplant costs in India can go up to 25 lakhs INR. A liver transplant is the only way to save a life when they need a new one. Many people would love to get a new liver. But they cannot because the number of available organs is limited.

There is a new long-term treatment for patients waiting for a liver transplant. By injecting a patient with a combination of stem cells and molecular factors, the goal is to improve the patient’s immune system. The initial results show that it can be extremely successful in improving survival rates.

The promising results of this long-term treatment mean that the number of transplants should dramatically increase in the future.

Liver Transplant Procedure and Donor

A liver transplant is a surgical procedure that transplants a healthy liver from one person to another. The procedure can be done in two ways, with the help of Living Donor Liver Transplantation (LDLT) which involves transplanting this liver after death or with the help of Living Donor Aorta-to-Ventricle Transplantation (LDAVT), where the donor’s heart is donated to another individual.

Liver regeneration post-transplantation is limited and most patients suffer from long-term complications such as abdominal compartment syndrome, hepatic encephalopathy, and fibrosis. These complications can be treated using supportive care and medications.

The process of finding a donor can take up to six months with one-third of transplants failing within the first year, due to rejection or failure of the recipient’s body to accept the new organ. Thus it is very crucial to consult a Liver Transplant Hospital in India with good connections with donors.

How to Find the Best Liver Transplant Doctor for You?

Finding the right doctor for your liver transplant is a crucial step before making a life-changing decision. The process can be complicated and requires a lot of research and patience.

This can be made easier by using an online search engine that lists all the doctors in your vicinity that specialize in liver transplants. You just need to enter the information and it will show you the best doctors and Liver Transplant hospitals in India.

Liver transplants are complicated surgeries, so choosing a doctor with plenty of experience is important for you to get the best care possible.


A liver transplant is a process in which a healthy liver is removed from one person and placed into the body of another person to replace or repair that person’s damaged or diseased liver. The goal of this surgery is to save the life of the patient with end-stage liver disease.

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