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Things You Should Know Before Undergoing Liver Transplant India


No matter how terrifying and complicated the whole idea of a liver transplant might seem like, in reality it is one of the most practiced treatment procedures of the country. Liver transplant is not new in India. It has a history of about 38 years in the country and a spectacular number of people who emerges absolutely fit and fine from the process.

How is the treatment determined?

Proper diagnosis is done by a team of doctors or specialists to determine whether a patient requires the procedure or not. The evaluation includes a study of the your medical history, a range of tests, X-rays, blood tests to determine whether the invasive procedure is required by your or not and also whether your body can sustain the procedure or not.  The other organs of your body like your heart, brain, lings, kidney etc are also tested and checked.

The protocol followed

Liver transplant India is a simple but a systematic process. No abrupt and sudden steps are taken in this context. The patient and the patient’s family are completely filled out on the details and the requirement of the procedure. Input and important information is taken and accepted from the patient and his or her family. All this put together helps to for the background to conduct a liver transplant process. Moreover a donor must be arranged for carrying out the process; hence no hurried steps can be taken. Everything is done in a planned and informed manner.

How are donors arranged?

Donors for liver transplant can be of two types. They can be dead donors or live donors. In the case of a dead donor, the liver is taken from a deceased person and is planted in the patient’s body. In this case the complete liver can be taken. However, waiting for a deceased donor can take a lot of time. In these cases often a live donor is easier to find. In the case of a live a donor a part of the liver is taken away from a living and a willing donor and is implanted in the patient’s body. After a while the livers in both the donor’s and the recipient’s body generates to its normal size.

Is the process safe?

Completely! It is safe both for the donor (live) and the patient who is the recipient. Often the liver regenerates within a span of two to three months. The donor need not take any medicine after the span of first two to three weeks and faces no complication throughout his life. He or she can be back to normalcy within a span of one month. After three months he or she can even resume strenuous activities like lifting weights etc.

Cost factor

If the liver transplant cost in India is causing you a worry, then its time you relaxed! Some of the top most hospitals and healthcare institutes offer lucrative packages for the process and even accept medical insurances for the benefit of their patients and their families.

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