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What Do You Understand By Liver Transplant?


The liver is the largest organ of the body and takes an active role in the digestive system. It filters toxic material such as ammonia and bilirubin from the blood. The liver also takes part in the metabolism of the body to synthesize necessary enzymes and proteins. The liver also performs functions like processing nutrients and minerals from the food. The liver also produces bile which is essential for the proper digestion of fats, fat-soluble vitamins, and cholesterol.

Liver transplant is needed by the patient when his or her liver is unable to function. In this surgical procedure, Liver Transplant Surgeon replaces the diseased liver of the patient with either a whole or a portion of the healthy liver from the donor.

When Does Anyone Need A Liver Transplant?

For those patients who are suffering from the last stages of liver diseases, liver transplant is the only available option option for them. This treatment is for those patients whose liver condition can’t be controlled by the medication. The purpose of the liver transplant is to replace a diseased or failing liver with a healthy liver.

Acute Liver Failure:

This disease is also known as Fulminant Hepatic Failure. Acute liver failure occurs mainly because of any previous injury to the liver causing it to show symptoms of liver failure. According to the Liver Transplant Specialist Doctor, the most common reason includes acetaminophen overdose, consuming any toxic substances, viral infection or any harmful drug reaction.

Chronic Liver Failure:

The liver in our body has a high capability of repairing itself. Constant injuries to the liver lead to the condition of Chronic Liver Failure. This condition is also known as late-stage Cirrhosis. In this stage liver transplant is the only treatment for any patient. According to the top Liver Transplant Surgeon symptoms like black stool, jaundice, excessive bleeding, blood vomiting, kidney dysfunction indicted Cirrhosis state of the Liver.

Different Types Of Liver Transplant:

Before any deciding what type of surgical procedure is best for the patient, several tests are done on the patients. Then the results are then discussed with the panel consisting of experts. Only after that Liver Transplant Consultant India will let the patient know about the procedure they are going to use. There are two types of liver transplant options that are available to the patients.

Conventional Liver Transplant:

Conventional or orthotopic liver transplant is the surgical procedure where the liver is taken from the deceased donor and transplanted in the live donor. The donors agree to the liver transplant and confirm that they are free from any liver diseases.

Living Donor Transplant:

In this procedure, the liver is taken from the agreed donor and transplanted into the patient body. For the adults, the right lobe of the liver is used for the transplant and for the children, the left lobe of the liver is used.

From the above article, one can get a general idea about the liver transplant. This treatment is the most effective way of saving the lives of patients who are suffering from the last stage of liver complications.

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